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Photo Printing and Editing Software
The Digital Camera Companion

View, Edit, Print and Organize - Do More with your Digital Photos

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Web HTML Based Photo Album Creation
Holiday Card Creation

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Add Fun Masks and Shapes to your Photos!

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Create Magazine Covers out of your Photos

Why PhotoELF?

PhotoELF concentrates on the day to day tasks of using a digital camera and managing thousands of digital images.

PhotoELF is designed for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP & VISTA

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PhotoELF can convert and save image formats in either 32-Bit, 24-Bit, 8-Bit, 4-Bit and 1-Bit Formats. See format list

Download the PhotoELF trial version and learn how to: PhotoELF is a Digital Camera Software Companion

PhotoELF also works with Scanned Images, Pictures on CD, Kodak Pictures, and more...

The PhotoELF Concept:

PhotoELF's Main Program is an Image Browser which allows you to browse your hard drive, floppys or CD-ROM's for images and view them. PhotoELF's main program is then the launching point to Edit, Save, Rename or Print your images.

PhotoELF has a lot of features which allow you to perform an operation on more than one image at a time. If you want to Print 16 Different Images on 1 page, simply Multi-Select the 16 images you want and click the PRINT button. Those 16 images will be loaded into the Print Page Layout Window for final adjustment and printing.

If you want to Rename a bunch of images, simply Multi-Select those image file names and select RENAME in the EDIT menu. You may then enter a Prefix Name which will then be used to rename the files selected. Example:
MyBirthday_115.JPG etc.

PhotoELF has a lot of features to help you Organize, View, Edit and Print your Digital Images. If you download the trial-version, be sure to read the Getting Started Tutorial to help you learn the basic tricks. Read the HELP for greater detail on a topic.

PhotoELF can convert and save image formats in either 32-Bit, 24-Bit, 8-Bit, 4-Bit and 1-Bit Formats.

PhotoELF can view the Following Image Formats:

View a list of all 82 formats that photoelf supports

Browse your folders and PhotoELF will list and view the following image formats:


BMP  Windows Bitmap


CLP   Windows ClipBoard File


CUR   Windows Cursor File


EMF  Enhanced Meta File 


FPX   Kodak Flash Pix


ICO    Windows Icon File


IFF     Interchange File


JPG   JPEG File Interchange Format


PCT   MacPict


PCX   Paintbrush ZSoft


PNG   Portable Network Graphics


PSD   Adobe PhotoShop


RAS   Sun Raster


SGI    Silicon Graphics Image




TIF     Tagged Image File Format


WMF  Windows Meta File

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