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Batch Operations are a necessity when working with Digital Photos

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How This Batch Photo Resize Software Works:

Simply Multi-Select all of the photos you wish to resize and then select Batch Resize from the Edit Menu:

screen shot of Loading Batch Resize Window

When Batch Resizing, you are given several options:

screen shot of the Batch Resizing Window

You can choose to resize and overwrite the original images. OR, you can resize and create new digital image files by specifying a prefix to be added to the original filenames. (This preserves your original photos)

You can also resize the photos and force either the Width or the Height. Meaning that if you did not want to the photos to exceed a certain height, you could specify that for the resizing operation.

OR, you can tell to to go in Automatic mode when resizing. This is useful if you have multi selected a bunch of photos and some are horizontal (landscape) and some are vertical (portrait). Automatic mode will resize the photos accordingly and flip flop the height and width so it comes out correct.

When ready, click OK and all photos will be loaded sequentially and resized and saved per your choices.

PhotoELF Offers more Batch Functions then any other software program on the market and is the Professional choice.

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