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PhotoELF - Professional Photo Editor Software

Batch Operations are a necessity when working with Digital Photos

See Other Batch Features

How This Batch Converting Photo Format Editing Software Works:

From PhotoELF's main window, you simply multi-select all of the thumbnails or filenames of the photos / pictures you want to convert the formats on and then look in the EDIT menu for:
  • Batch Convert Save As...

Batch Convert Image - Photo Formats

Doing so will then Load the Image Conversion Window giving you many options:

Convert Photo Format Window

With this Conversion window, you may choose to overwrite the original filenames (if same format, but different bits per pixel or quality compression) or you can choose to create new images and provide a new set of names.

You can also Choose any format from over 70 different Image Formats, including: BMP, CLP, CUR, EMF, FPX, ICO, IFF, JPG, JPEG, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WMF

( The complete list of 82 supported formats are listed below )

The most common conversion people need, is to use the JPG Converter Software feature, which is found in this feature and also in PhotoELF's JPG Convert and Compress feature. See: JPG Converter and Compression

Once you have chosen your options, clicking OK will then automatically Load, Convert and Save the new images for you.

If you have mult-Selected several thousand photos, you can walk away and let it process all of them for you.

Converting Image Formats has never been faster.

PhotoELF Offers more Batch Functions then any other software program on the market and is the Professional choice.

Download PhotoELFs Free Trial Software

Complete List of supported formats:

1BMP 1-Bit Windows Bitmap
2BMP 4-Bit Windows Bitmap
3BMP 8-Bit Windows Bitmap
4BMP 16-Bit Windows Bitmap
5BMP 24-Bit Windows Bitmap
6BMP 32-Bit Windows Bitmap
7CLP 1-Bit Windows ClipBoard File
8CLP 24-Bit Windows ClipBoard File
9CUR 8-Bit Windows Cursor File
10CUR 24-Bit Windows Cursor File
11FPX 8-BitGrey Kodak Flash Compress
12FPX 24-Bit Kodak Flash Compress
13FPX 8-BitGrey Kodak Flash Pix
14FPX 24-Bit Kodak Flash Pix
15ICO 8-Bit Windows Icon File
16ICO 24-Bit Windows Icon File
17JPG 8-Bit Black-White JPEG File
18JPG 24-Bit 100% JPEG File YUV444
19JPG 24-Bit 99% JPEG File YUV444
20JPG 24-Bit 98% JPEG File YUV444
21JPG 24-Bit 97% JPEG File YUV444
22JPG 24-Bit 96% JPEG File YUV444
23JPG 24-Bit 94% JPEG File YUV444
24JPG 24-Bit 92% JPEG File YUV444
25JPG 24-Bit 90% JPEG File YUV444
26JPG 24-Bit 88% JPEG File YUV444
27JPG 24-Bit 85% JPEG File YUV444
28JPG 24-Bit 80% JPEG File YUV444
29JPG 24-Bit 75% JPEG File YUV444
30JPG 24-Bit 70% JPEG File YUV444
31JPG 24-Bit 60% JPEG File YUV444
32JPG 24-Bit 50% JPEG File YUV444
33JPG 24-Bit 40% JPEG File YUV444
34JPG 24-Bit 30% JPEG File YUV444
35JPG 24-Bit 20% JPEG File YUV444
36JPG 24-Bit 10% JPEG File YUV444
37JPG 24-Bit 0% JPEG File YUV444
38PCT 1-Bit MacPict
39PCT 4-Bit MacPict
40PCT 8-Bit MacPict
41PCT 24-Bit MacPict
42PCX 1-Bit Paintbrush
43PCX 4-Bit Paintbrush
44PCX 8-Bit Paintbrush
45PCX 24-Bit Paintbrush
46PNG 1-Bit Portable Network Graphic
47PNG 4-Bit Portable Network Graphic
48PNG 8-Bit Portable Network Graphic
49PNG 24-Bit Portable Network Graphic
50PNG 32-Bit Portable Network Graphic
51PSD 1-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
52PSD 8-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
53PSD 24-Bit Adobe PhotoShop
54RAS 1-Bit Sun Raster
55RAS 4-Bit Sun Raster
56RAS 8-Bit Sun Raster
57RAS 24-Bit Sun Raster
58RAS 32-Bit Sun Raster
59SGI 8-BitGrey Silicon Graphics Image
60SGI 24-Bit Silicon Graphics Image
61SGI 32-Bit Silicon Graphics Image
63TGA 16-Bit TARGA
64TGA 24-Bit TARGA
65TGA 32-Bit TARGA
66TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group 4
67TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group3 1Dimension
68TIF 1-Bit CCITT Group3 2Dimension
70TIF 1-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
71TIF 2-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
72TIF 3-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
73TIF 4-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
74TIF 5-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
75TIF 6-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
76TIF 7-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
77TIF 8-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
78TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
79TIF 32-Bit Tagged Image File RGB
80TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File CMYK
81TIF 32-Bit Tagged Image File CMYK|
82TIF 24-Bit Tagged Image File YCbCr

PhotoELF also supports Viewing (but not saving) WMF and GIF formats.

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