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PhotoELF - Professional Photo Editor Software

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How This Batch Photo Editing Software Works:

PhotoELF will allow you to Edit Any Photo Format in Batch Mode.

This means that you can multi-select ALL, One or a Random group of photos in a folder and Edit all of them in one operation. You can edit: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Color and Hue.

From PhotoELF's main window, you simply multi-select all of the thumbnails or filenames of the photos / pictures you want to compress, regardless of their format, and then look in the EDIT menu for:
  • Batch Brightness, Color Gamma...
    OR, if just one picture is selected:
  • Brightness, Color Gamma...

Batch Compress JPG JPEG Images

Doing so will then Load the PhotoELF Auto Fix Edit Window:

Batch Edit Color, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma and Hue Window

  • You make your adjustments for the photo displayed
  • Choose your Saving Options
  • Click Batch Apply
Your Adjustments will then be applied to ALL photos selected. Each photo will be loaded, Edited and saved per your saving instructions.

It is best to choose NOT to overwrite the originals, but instead, add a prefix to the original filename and create new files. This way, you can simply review each picture afterwards and if all is OK, simply delete the originals and use the Batch Advanced Rename function to Remove the prefix. (but the option to overwrite does exist).

This Batch Edit Feature will work on any of the following image file formats: BMP, CLP, CUR, EMF, FPX, ICO, IFF, JPG, JPEG, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, SGI, TGA, TIF, WMF

If you have multi-Selected several thousand photos, you can walk away and let it process all of them for you.

Editing Photos has never been faster.

PhotoELF Offers more Batch Functions and Time Saving Editing Functions then any other software program on the market and is the Professional choice.

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