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Emails we have received from our customers

We receive a lot of email. Some emails are asking for new features, others are just thanking us for producing a product that helps them in some way. Following are some sample emails we have received in the past 12 months. We have not edited these emails, we just cut and pasted them into this document. Keep that in mind when you encounter spelling and grammatical errors.

Hello Elves,

You guys did a great job with this program. I downloaded the trial version and it took me about five minutes to decide to purchase it.



Thank you for the brilliant software! I am a pro and it has saved me countless hours and paper and has increased my profits. I have been looking for a product like this for years and I am so happy to have found PhotoELF software.



I wasted too much money buying photoshop ce 8.0 I wish I would have learned of photoelf software sooner, I just purchased a copy.


Steve Whiting, President Vandalay Photography LLC

I Felt compelled to let you know how great your program is for me and my digital photography.

I'm just a grandpa taking family pictures, but your program is so intuitive and PERFECT for me.

ANY question I come up with I can find the answer so EASILY in PhotoELF. I would have bought it just for the "red eye"'s so easy. It was also the easiest program to download, install, register, etc. that I've ever encountered. You've thought of EVERYTHING! THANK YOU.

LeRoy Galley

Washington State

Just wanted to send a note to say thanks for the excellent software program. To fill you in on what we do: We sort through 20,000 high resolution images and crop out the area of interest on a regular basis (Astronomy photos). It would take several of us, one week to accomplish the task. With photoelf, it takes me 1 minute to set up the auto-batch-crop feature and I go home. By the time I return to work the next morning, photoelf has completed all 20,000 photos perfectly. Truly there are little magical elves at work here.

Many thanks,

Scott J. Frank

Dear PhotoELF;

I love it and I love it and I love it! I went thru junk after trash after crap (and I speak only of the best of the group in my search) looking for PhotoELF.


James Jones
the wayfarer PHOTOGRAPHY
Rogers, Arkansas

I want you to Know I just LOVE Photo Elf!

It is so easy to use even for someone like me with limited photo and computer experience can use it.

Photos print out real nice.

Thank you

Carol Knight

I haven't used a lot of the options yet but the batch compress has been worth the price. I do wedding photos and I like to provide a compressed image for emailing. Your tool enables me to compress the entire set with just a few clicks. Nice work.

Curtis Beck

I stumbled upon PhotoElf while searching for "batch editing" software. I downloaded the software and immediately liked the batch resize feature, especially the speed of the process. I work with genealogy websites and data and have thousands of cemetery and other photos. I have about 10 other photo programs ranging from $50 to several hundred dollars and couldn't accomplish my task like I wanted. Until PhotoElf. I still need to learn the many other features of this software but wanted to let you know I like what I see so far!

Gale Wall

I just purchased this and love it. I do a lot of high quality photographs with a high end ink jet printer. At this time, I cannot afford Adobe and have been using Microsoft Digital Image, the problem was that it limited my ability to print the pictures as I want. Your program has the ability to arrange photos as you would like them, and in any size and combination, that is what I needed and had been trying to find for a long time.

Thanks for a great product, it does not have the some of the correctional abilities of adobe photo shop, but for the price, it allows me any type of layout with various sizes to print, I love it and thanks!

Douglas Christman

Dear PhotoELF,

I am a professional photographer doing school portraits. I need to crop thousands of photos on a weekly basis. I had been using photo shop to accomplish this task but it was slow and tedious. I search the web for batch cropping and found photoelf. PhotoELF's batch cropping feature with the Portrait Head Position box turned on is phenomenal.

I just wanted to let you know how much time photoelf saves me:

My Cropping History with about 100 files...

1. With PhotoShop: Time = 30 min. -- With PhotoElf : Time = 10 min.

2. With PhotoShop: Tedious -- With PhotoElf: Easy / No Thought involved!

3. With PhotoShop: Good positioning/cropping -- With PhotoELF: Perfect, FLAWLESS Exact Headsizes!

The BIG thing about photoelf's batch cropping with the headbox feature is that it takes ALL the subjective elements out, you don't even need the crosshairs because all you do is put the head in the box! And I mean when I looked at al 87 picts as thumbnails, the headsizes were PERFECT!!! Headsize accuracy went up 10 fold and time was cut by 300% +++.

Can you tell how excited I am? Thank you SO MUCH!!! I'm glad I found photoelf software.

Thank you,
Rick Stanton


Just a line to say thank you for your excellent photo printing software.

I've got a digital camera AND a beautiful grand daughter… so I'm using 'photoelf' every day.

Best Wishes,

Bob Coombs

Hello photoelf support,

Just wanted to send an email saying thank you! I've purchased at least 5 different photo programs within the past 2 weeks and can honestly say that photoelf is the only one I've been able to figure out how to use. Although I've only used it for the past hour I find it a lot easier to use than any of the other photo shop programs.

I'm looking forward to learning a lot more.

I have a 1 year old daughter and am able to put some neat affects on her photo without getting frustrated and deleting and starting over and getting nothing accomplished all day.

Krystyna Godzinski
Legal Assistant

Photo Elf has some great features especially the batch commands. Our company has a huge database of pictures and since all pictures were taken at the highest mode, the file sizes were just too big. In a matter of an afternoon I was able to turn the Elf loose on the file sizes and reduce everything to 1024x768 which is what we use for Powerpoint presentations.

This has opened up loads of space on our server. Thanks.

Just a suggestion; on the batch processes, consider adding an option to include all subfolders. This would be an awesome addition.


I just wanted you to know that I love this program. I have tried many other photo programs and they made me nothing but frustrated.

My girlfriend introduced this to me a few weeks ago. So easy to use and it does the things that I need. I am not wasting reams and reams of expensive photo paper as I am able to put multiply pictures on one page, that was my biggest complaint about other software.

I am not very computer savy, but this program is just so easy to use.

Thank you!! Keep up the great work!

Laurie Baires
Medford, MA

Hi - I just wanted to tell you that I downloaded the free trial version yesterday, and I absolutely love it so far! I had Corel, which is very pricey and wasn't as easy as your photoelf software. I use my photo editing software a lot; when I recently purchased a new computer, Corel was on the computer. When the 3 month trial expired, I just quit using it. I have been shopping around for about a month trying to find something else. I had Microsoft Picture It previously as well, and if you put all three side by side, for the price and performance and layman's terms for easy use, PHOTOELF would be my choice. Great product. I will tell all my family and friends!!

Thanks, Nancy

Hello PhotoELF,

I have been a photoelf user for about 6 years now and I thought I would finally send a note of thanks to you all. I am a professional photographer and photoelf has made many aspects of my business so much easier and faster.

I really have nothing except good positive things to say about your program. It really has been an answer to my prayers, many times. I can tell you that it has never let me down. Just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and the service you have rendered over the years.

Charles Methvin


I love PhotoElf! I downloaded the trial version and was able to edit 90 map images to 300 dpi , increase contrast, and crop the borders in less than an hour. CorelDraw and PhotoShop can't do that.

I am a freelance webmaster and have to work within the budgets of small businesses and cities, but would have gladly paid you $50 for photoelf. Maybe you should raise your price considering the time PhotoElf saves.

Thanks for the great software!

Ann Yearsley
HomeLand Web
Downey, Idaho


Thank you for developing PhotoELF - it's wonderful! A couple of extensive trips this year left me with literally thousands of photos to sift through, then try to resize for digital picture frames and DVD slideshows. PhotoELF worked flawlessly at batch processing all of these pictures. Other programs I have bogged down hopelessly at the job.

Thanks again.

Linda Miller

This is really not a question, but we wanted you to get this anyway!



We have a store in VA. We are a Photography business among a gift shop and we have been looking for a software program to do exactly what yours offers. We have been using the 30 Day trial software and this is awesome!!!! Thanks for making the trial-version fully functional.

We used the software for just 2 hours and went back to your website and purchased. You are truly an answer to our prayers!!!

Melanie Webb
Amanda Hearl
Timeless Treasures


I love the Watermark Mask feature. I need to put our company name and logo on hundreds of photos all the time and it was very tedious with PhotoShop. Using photoelf, I created the mask in minutes and now I can batch apply that watermark mask to all my photos in a few minutes.

Keep up the good work.


Hey PhotoELF…

Super!!! Have been waiting for an upgrade and now I have it! Your software is by far the best in the business! And, being an old (now retired) Photographic Media Center Director for the University of Wisconsin (20 years ago), I feel qualified to make that statement. Best wishes to you

Steve Markstrom
Madison, Wisconsin


Hi Photoelf & Associates,

I am a longtime PHOTOELF user and just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that I still think it is the absolute BEST program out there! I have been buying the upgraded versions for years now...probably since 2000. I always wonder why this phenomenal product isn't in the stores? If it was, you'd wipe out all the others because none of them do all of the things your one program does. Before PHOTOELF, I
tried every other product out there and something was always missing that I felt was important (pixels, size in inches, resize, batch, compress, save anything as .jpg, save in so many different formats----just too many to list!)

I'd also like to thank you for the terrific customer support over the years. The program's HELP area has so many great examples and the explanations are just terrific! Although your website and PHOTOELF's "HELP" area are almost always all I need to get through something, there have been a couple of times I have needed to contact the people at PHOTOELF. You always respond within hours and personally address each question. This is SO appreciated!

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how easy (& enjoyable) your product has
made my digital (and film) photography. After having it all these years, I continue to find areas I have never knew were part of the program....this makes it just get better every use! Everything about PHOTOELF is seamless: from the the the wonderful components of the program the customer support and HELP areas...just everything.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth Sedano

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