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Product Replacement Policy
and - How to Restore PhotoELF if you lose it.

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Replacement Policy

PhotoELF Software is offered in 2 forms:
  1. A Download Version
  2. A CD-ROM
The CD-ROM is more expensive due to material, shipping and handling costs. However, it is a permanent BACK-UP Copy!

Purchase the CD-ROM, if you are unsure how to make back-up copies of the Download Version.

Users who purchase the Download Version are responsible for making a Reliable "Back-Up" copy in the event their computer ever crashes and they wish to restore PhotoELF. (which is why we strongly warn customers of this in 5 locations during the purchase process.)

We prefer that you purchase the CD-ROM, or make a Back-Up copy, but we do offer a convenient way for you to restore PhotoELF!

Steps to recover PhotoELF:
  1. Go to: and download the complete Trial-Version Install File

  2. After download is complete, install the Trial-Version

  3. Then, visit: and login to our registered user Upgrade Page.

  4. Purchase the Upgrade CD-ROM or the Upgrade/Restore KEY (the second Option) and download and install it. This KEY will unlock the trial version you just installed. But do NOT purchase the Upgrade Patch (that will not work).

  5. After you have restored PhotoELF, make a back-up copy of the following 2 files:

    1) PhotoELF-Install-nnnn.exe (where nnnn is the version number)
    2) ELFkeynnnn.exe

    Making a back-up of these 2 files will allow you to restore PhotoELF if your computer crashes.
  6. Finally - Always TEST your back-up copies to make sure they will work when needed.
Following these steps will restore PhotoELF on your computer and it will be the latest version! (So you get the upgrade as well!) This method of restoring PhotoELF is the easiest and fastest way for you to recover PhotoELF if you did not make reliable back-up copies.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us: Contact Us

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