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Privacy Policy

First: PhotoELF is Anti-Spam.

Second: we do NOT use cookies and we do not use Java scripting or any other method to view contents on your computer.

Third: The only information we collect is how you arrived at our site. Example: If you came to our site via's Search Engine, we collect the exact URL address and key words that linked you to our site for marketing purposes.

Fourth: When you purchase our product, on-line, by phone or by mail, we will never sell or trade your Name, your Address or your E-mail address. We are Anti-Spam and Anti-Junk mail.

Fifth: The only time we will use your e-mail or address, is to deliver product or to inform you of a program update (2 times per year).

Sixth: The software product "PhotoELF", does not transfer any information to the web.

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