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Advanced Disk Clean Up

Removing Unused Temporary Files on your Hard Drive:


While performing the following task should not harm your system in any way, this information is provided to you as a service and we are not to be held accountable should your computer exhibit "strange behavior" after performing this task!

Having said that, I have never experienced a problem doing this:


When you install software, download files, extract pictures from your camera etc. Temporary files are created and are usually stored in:


Nice programs, will remove these temporary files when they are done with them. Others do not.

Over time, this "TEMP" folder can consume a good chunk of your hard drive with useless data.

Sometimes, the Windows "Clean Up" feature does not remove these files.

You should be able to Manually delete everything in this folder without causing a problem.

  • Never Delete the contents of this folder while other software is running
  • Never Delete the contents of this folder while Printing
  • Do not delete the Temp folder, just the contents.
  • If you have just installed new software, do not remove anything from this folder for at least 3 days, or until you have registered the new software and have rebooted several times.
Do the Following:
  • Browse this folder out of curiousity
  • You may find old digital pictures

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