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Transaction Security

PhotoELF's website uses the latest, state-of-the-art, security and encryption technologies. When purchasing, you are taken to Landofcom's Secure Server, (Our trusted partner) where you may enter your credit card information with complete confidence.

The Data you enter is encrypted and transferred to Card Service International, who is the world leader in Credit Card Transactions. Card Service then varifies the information and either approves or declines your credit card.

In Fact, when you purchase on-line with us, no human will see your credit card number. Your credit card number is never saved to a hard drive. It is simply passed through and then removed from memory.

We only capture the last 4 numbers of your credit card number for cross-referencing purposes. The complete number is never saved.

The fact is, it is safer to perform credit card transactions, On-Line, with Landofcom and Card Service International, then it is to perform a credit card transaction at a store or restaurant. When you purchase at a store, a human has access to your credit card number. With us, no human ever sees credit card number

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