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How to extract or download pictures from your Camera

There are several ways to download photos from your camera which is explained below.

First, there are thousands of different digital cameras on the market today and each have their own protocol for communicating with your computer. As such, PhotoELF software does not support direct communication. It does however support the "virtual drive" standard which is the digital camera standard.

Download Photos from your Camera:

Method 1: If your camera is newer and supports the "virtual drive" standard, then connect your camera to your computer following the instructions that came with your camera. Then, go into PhotoELF and look in the EDIT menu and select: "REFRESH". (This will refresh the Drive List Box).

Now, drop down the Drive List Box (where A: C: D: etc) are listed. If your camera supports the "Virtual Drive" concept, a new drive letter will have appeared. Simply select the drive that corresponds with your camera and copy the pictures off of it.

Method 2:

PhotoELF works fantastic with Memory Card Readers:

Memory card readers are a "Virtual Drive" and connect to your computer via a USB port. Here's how it works:

You pull your memory card out of your camera and insert it into the Reader. A new drive letter will appear in the Drive List Box in PhotoELF. PhotoELF can then copy the photos off of your cameras memory card and onto your hard drive.

More Details:

Memory Card Readers act just like a floppy drive or CD-ROM Drive. When you connect the Reader to your computer, a new Drive Letter is created on your computer. You simply change to that drive letter, with PhotoELF, just like you would change to the A-Drive.

Copying Photos onto your hard drive in this fashion is as fast as copying files from a CD-ROM. In fact, this method is much faster then copying directly from your camera. You can even delete, edit and print the photos directly from your memory card with PhotoELF!

Do a search on any search engine for "Memory Card Reader" or "ZIO Reader".

Method 3: You can use the software that came with your camera to remove the pictures from your camera and load them onto your computer. Once the pictures are on your hard drive, PhotoELF will then work with them.

If you lost or cannot find your camera software, then visit your cameras website and download it. Most Camera Manufacturers offer free downloads of the software that supports their camera.

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