April 8, 2008

Scrapbook Software Consumers Are Fed Up

Software fluff is out; the "Swiss army knife" approach is in

The onset of the digital camera opened doors for scrapbookers to save a lot of time and money and spend more time doing what they love most; creating great memories. Software companies have scrambled to make a buck off of this exploding market. But, scrapbookers are fed up with the software falling short of what they need.

Impressive packaging sells products. Cute and cuddly interfaces are nice. But, where are the meat and potato features that will truly help scrapbookers deal with the thousands of photos they have and do the things they really want?

Everyone is tired of incomplete software that is hard to use. They are tired of the multi-tiered versions: Lite, Home, Standard, or Professional. They want one version. Consumers feel cheated when they get home, only to discover the features they wanted are crippled unless they upgrade and pay more. Or, the software is so confusing they have to take a two-week course just to understand it.

Landofcom Software has researched this problem for more than seven years and lists several of the most common complaints consumers have:

  • "I have purchased one software program after another, and either I canít figure out how to make it do what I saw on the box cover, or it nags me to upgrade and buy the Pro version."
  • "I have 8 different photo programs installed on my computer and none of them do all the things I want. One prints photos, but not to the specific size I want, one edits photos and another adds cute objects and text to the photos. I must have over $300 worth of software and it still doesnít do everything I need."
  • "I purchased the recommended software program for the few functions I need and Iíve spent over 15 hours trying to figure out how to run it. I can take a class for $120 to learn how to use the software. But, this program was supposed to save me time and money."

The average scrapbooker doesn't want to waste time learning a new software program. They just want a software program that will help them organize their digital photos, make a few fixes if need be, like removing red eye, cropping or increasing brightness, and then print the photos to the exact size they want. PhotoELF does all of the nitty-gritty work and then some, allowing scrapbookers, digital scrapbookers and card creators to put their time and effort into what they really love, creating beautiful, fun and unique scrapbook pages and memories that will last a lifetime.

What scrapbookers want is a "Swiss army knife" type of software package, one that can easily flip out one of hundreds of different imaging tools at any time, to meet their unique daily needs to manage, edit and print their photos. Whether a beginner or someone whoís been scrapbooking for years, PhotoELF has everything to fit their needs.

Landofcom Software has been in close contact with tens of thousands of digital photographers and scrapbookers, via their website: But, it wasnít just reading a few user comments and deciding to implement some suggestions into the program. It was a process of listening to these people, implementing their suggestions, having them test the new version and offer more feedback, then implementing, testing and trying again. After seven years of repeating that process hundreds of times, PhotoELF Version 4.0 has been released; a photo software program based solely on customer feedback.

Previously available only at, PhotoELF Version 4.0 -The Digital Camera Software Companion- is now being introduced to the retail world. If you would like to offer PhotoELF to your customers, contact us at (763) 263-2989 or at

PhotoELF runs on all versions of Windows including VISTA.


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